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Welcome to Homescapes Level 9 Game Walkthrough. In Day 2 of the story, Austin decides to start operation “Change Parents’ Mind” about them selling the house. He starts with his father, William. William’s favorite corner is the Study area in the hall. The bookcase is breaking apart and the wallpaper looks horrendous. Help Austin install a new bookcase and hang new wallpapers in the Study area. Hopefully, these changes can make William change his mind about selling the house!


But these are not easy tasks. Both installing a new bookcase and hanging new wallpapers will require 2 stars for each task. Get stars by completing the Match-3 levels in Homescapes. Read on to find out how you can clear Homescapes Level 9 without using any boosters.


Homescapes Level 9

In Homescapes Level 9, you are required to lay 65 green carpets within 27 moves. Similar to level 8, some of the game pieces in this level are being held by chains. You can only move those game pieces after you have removed the chains. Unchain the game pieces by making matches with the trapped pieces.


Level 9 also went through a tutorial of using the Hammer booster. The Hammer clears any game piece you want without utilizing a move. You will also get a chance to try out using this Hammer booster to see its effects. Tip: Save the Hammer booster by not following the instructions in the tutorial. Simply uncheck the activated Hammer booster and continue the game. This way, you will get one extra booster at no cost! How good is that?!


You can also view the gameplay of Homescapes Level 9 with the walkthrough video below! See the Hammer booster in action!



Looks fun? Download the game on your PC/Mac now! Unlock other boosters as you proceed or follow our walkthroughs page to see other boosters in action as well!


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