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Welcome to Homescapes Level 8 Game Walkthrough. After settling Captain Flint in its new cage, Austin’s parents came over to Austin’s room to see how he’s doing. They were pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort he has put in to revamp his room. With your help, of course. However, his parents revealed to him that they are going to sell the house. This news is truly shocking for Austin. He cannot believe that the place where he spent his entire childhood in is going to be gone, forever!


Austin needs to do something about it and you will need to give him all the assistance that he needs. He intends to restore his family home so that he can change his parents’ decision. Operation “Change Parents’ Mind” will commence on Day 2. The next place to be fixed will be the entrance hall. Obtain a star by completing Homescapes Level 8 to clear the first day of the story. Read more to find out.


Homescapes Level 8

In Homescapes Level 8, you are required to lay 60 green carpets within 34 moves. The challenge is upgraded as an obstacle is introduced to the game. Chains hold the pieces in place and you would not be able to move the chained pieces unless they are unlocked via a successful match. Pieces get double-chained as the levels get higher and you will need to match it twice to unlock the piece. Remove the chains by making matches with the pieces held under them.


You will also unlock a new booster, Hammer, after clearing this level. Hammer allows you to remove the selected piece after smashing the Hammer on it. Hence you will be able to remove chains easily when it’s hard to get to these chains. You will not utilize your limited moves when using a booster. Thus, it is seen as a hidden card. Do not use boosters unless you have no other ways to complete the level.


Take a look at the gameplay of Homescapes Level 8 with the walkthrough video below!


Try unlocking those chains yourself in Homescapes Level 8! Download the game on your PC/Mac now!


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