Homescapes - Level 7

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 7 Game Walkthrough. It’s a peaceful day 1 with Austin at his childhood home until the doorbell broke the silence. The postman has just delivered an interesting baggage to the house and Austin seems to know what it is. Austin has thought that he misplaced it. Revealing what’s underneath the blue cloth, Captain Flint, the parrot, flies out to freedom!


After a long journey, the couple finally reunited. But Captain Flint has been trapped in the tiny cage for too long. It wants to take over Austin’s room. Austin decides that Captain Flint needs a bigger cage and requires your help to obtain 1 star for him to get the job done. Complete Homescapes Level 7 to get the star! Find out how to solve this level by watching the gameplay video below.


Homescapes Level 7

In Homescapes Level 7, you are required to lay 56 green carpets within 20 moves. With a very limited number of moves, you will need to strategize and maximize resource. Form many power-ups to help you clear lay more carpets in one move.


Tip: If you are able to swap a Rainbow power-up with an adjacent piece that is lying on top of the green carpet, all of the similar pieces on the game board will be cleared with the green carpet laid. Check out the gameplay video on Level 7 and see the power-up in action!


Learn how you can solve Level 7 of Homescapes with the walkthrough video below!



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