Homescapes - Level 3

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 3 Game Walkthrough. Austin is enjoying a short break after tidying his dusty room when he decided to take a seat in his armchair. Unfortunately, he finds a spring sticking out of his old armchair. It can be dangerous if an unknowing person sat on it. Help Austin replace the armchair using 1 star. Earn the star by completing Homescapes Match-3 puzzles Level 3. Find out how to solve this level and watch the gameplay video below.


Homescapes Level 3

In Homescapes Level 3, you will go one step higher to put your Match-3 puzzle skills to test. Clear 20 yellow lamp pieces and 20 green cup piece within 20 moves in Level 3 of Homescapes. This is an even more challenging task than Level 2. Do not worry as you will be learning how to create a new power-up. Match 5 pieces to form a Bomb power-up. Match the 5 pieces in either a T-shape or L-shape to obtain a Bomb power-up. Swap with an adjacent piece or double tap itself to activate it.


Homescapes Game download Bomb Power-up PC


Bombs can help to clear a large area of game pieces on the game board upon activation. Hence, it is best to use it when there are many yellow/green pieces surrounding the Bomb power-up so that you can clear the level quickly.


View the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Homescapes Level 3. As boosters were not introduced yet, practice on creating more Bomb power-ups to complete this level.


Try forming those Bomb power-ups in Homescapes Level 3 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


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