Homescapes - Level 25

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 25 Game Walkthrough. From the previous level, we are able to collect stars and coins to fulfill the tasks to renovate the mansion. Now, Austin’s task is to install the cupboards and fix the stairs which are really dangerous. To do this, he will need your help to earn 1 star from the Match-3 puzzles in order for him to start the task. Discover more on how the gameplay of Homescapes Level 25 works. Read more about how to solve the puzzle and watch the gameplay video below.


Homescapes Level 25

In Homescapes Level 25, Austin finds out more about the things that need improvement in the house. This time he needs to install cupboards to renovate the mansion. This time, you need to lay 64 green carpets with only 23 moves.  For this level, the game board only has game pieces on the top part and is blocked by chained game pieces. This means that it is necessary to break the chains and to fill up the rest of the game board so that you can lay the green carpets!


Make sure to build power-ups through the matches that you make. You do not have to be too concerned about the chains. As long as you complete the task and lay all the green carpet within the limited number of moves, you are safe! Rockets can help you clear rows or columns of game pieces on the game board, depending on the direction of the rocket. Bombs are used to remove game pieces in clusters. Planes pop the required game pieces randomly. Lastly, the rainbow ball power-up allows you to remove all the similar game pieces when you match it with any adjacent game piece.


Watch the walkthrough video below for the game solution to Homescapes Level 25. Learn how to deal with difficult levels of this game. Make sure to download the game!



Try forming those Rocket power-ups in Homescapes Level 25 today! Download and play the game on your PC/Mac now!


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