Homescapes - Level 15

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Welcome to Homescapes Level 15 Game Walkthrough. Austin has been making real progress with the study area. The wallpapers are up and the floors are almost complete. Help Austin finish fixing the floor before anyone gets in an accident. Complete another Match-3 level in Homescapes to earn a star! Continue reading to find out how to clear Homescapes Level 15 and move on to the next stage of the game.


Homescapes Level 15

Homescapes Level 15 introduces another booster before starting the level. It is a combination of the rocket and the bomb. When you choose that booster, one rocket and one bomb will be randomly placed to replace some tiles.


For level 15, you are required to lay 58 green carpets with only 27 moves. By making matches next to the carpets that are already laid, the tiles changes. However, the level is not completely easy because the green carpets are located on the lower side protected by tiles that are in chains. Good thing you get two power-ups when you start the round thanks to the free booster! You may choose not to use this free booster by deselecting the booster before you start the level.


Homescapes Level 15


A helpful tip is to use as many power-ups as you can to blast off the chains. Rockets are helpful especially in laying the green carpets across the tiles. You can also view the gameplay for Homescapes Level 15 walkthrough video below! Watch how you can get to level 16 after clearing this round!



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