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Love the Match-3 puzzles in Homescapes but cannot seem to pass a certain level? Fret not as now brings you the game walkthrough for all the levels you can find in Homescapes! With Playrix constantly adding new levels regularly, we aim to provide all of you with the most up-to-date game walkthroughs and solutions. Now, you do not have to bother looking for hacks and cheats for Homescapes since you can simply clear these levels quickly without utilizing those hearts! Oh wait, if you have not downloaded Homescapes yet, be sure to download them to your PC today here! Don’t miss out on all these fun!


The levels in Homescapes are quite challenging as you go higher. Swap and match those pieces to create power-ups and meet the mission objectives of each level. It actually takes some planning before you start a new level. The trick will be to look at the game board presented to you and decide if the initial pieces are sufficient to create power-ups to clear the obstacles. If you feel that the game board is not good enough to allow you to clear the missions, you can simply exit the level and re-enter again without exhausting any hearts!


Watch the videos for tips to complete the missions for each of these levels! No boosters were used in clearing these levels as we know it’s hard to save up on those boosters. You will definitely need them in the later stages like level 1000 for example.


Be sure to login every day to collect your daily login bonus and stock up those boosters! ? New obstacles appear as you progress higher up the levels. Some of the obstacles that we have included here are carpet grass, chains, jelly, boxes, cookies, apple platter, walls, and suds. It’s half the battle won if you know how these pesky obstacles work beforehand!


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