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Get yourself armed and ready as gives you the very best of free unblocked gun games! Whether it’s FPS or RTS that you want, we got it just for you! Play gun games directly on your PC for free!

Gear up because war is about to go down! Gun games are one of the most staple types of video games out there. The name of the genre is a given – the game is all about guns guns guns! The genre is so full of machine gun and stickman gun games, America would be proud of it!

Just because they’re called Gun Games doesn’t mean it’s just about first-person shooting or over-the-shoulder cameras. There are other highly engaging gun games too without directly shooting at numerous bad guys’ faces. These games also include RTS, narrations, gun building, and even management. Whichever your pick is, we’ve got just the right one for you whilst our library keeps on expanding. You can choose to play Pixel Gun 3D or other exciting online 2-player gun games. The options are endless in the gun shooting genre!

If you absolutely love guns and have been a fan of mobile action games, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s for sports or for stress relief of exploding monsters and villains, all your gun cravings are here. Find yourself a weapon, take aim and fire as we present to you the best of

We got just about everything. RTS games like Boom Beach and Last Day on Earth: Survival is present here. Itching for a multiplayer shooter? How about a round of Guns of Boom and N.O.V.A. Legacy to help you out?


Top 3 Gun Games We Recommend


Guns of Boom – Online Shooter


Guns of Boom – Online Shooter is a class-based multiplayer shooter that is loads of explosive fun! With a mix of cartoony aesthetics, loud guns, and crude humor, this is a gun game that anybody will enjoy!

If you’ve been looking for a really good casual online shooter, here it is. Guns of Boom was awarded several times for best action multiplayer and still one of the most active mobile games. With, you can now experience all of it directly on PC without any tedious emulator.

Guns of Boom lets you play in 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 modes, all of which feel perfectly balanced. The weapons in the game are what you’d expect out of a quirky online shooter. It has your slew of rifles, layers of shotguns, chockful of SMGs and handguns, and lots of rocket launchers. And if you think the weapons are enough, you should check out the skins for sale on both freemium and premium.

Game modes are your standard classics: TDM, CTF, FFA, A/D, Domination, and Defusal. You can play in both the casual mode or in the crazy multiplayer mode.

If FPS is your cup of tea, we recommend playing Guns of Boom. Download it directly for the PC here on!


Last Day on Earth: Survival



If the post-apocalyptic theme is your taste, you’ll want to try out Last Day on Earth: Survival. You play as a lone survivor who managed to escape from the zombie menace that has plagued Earth. As the last person alive, you must do what you can so you don’t become the undead yourself.

Featuring crafting methods, surreal combat, and challenging survival, Last Day of Earth: Survival is an unforgiving game that will have you feeling like you’re in a real post-apocalyptic game.

It’s also one of the most original games to come out of the mobile devices and we at are proud to have it ported to the PC for your pleasure.

Vulnerability and creativity collide in this zombie-infested game. While you must stay alive against a planet overrun by the living dead, you need to gather precious resources, find somewhere safe and create your own fortified home where you can store all your items and food. Along the way, you may encounter other survivors that either become allies or a threat worse than the nightmares that crawl the lands.

The controls have been fully customized for the PC in order to bring you ease, making it simple using the keyboard and mouse to enjoy the game.


N.O.V.A Legacy


The N.O.V.A. series returns and now it’s bigger and better! The gun game also has two modes: campaign and multiplayer.

N.O.V.A. Legacy’s campaign once again puts you in the shoes of Kal Wardin – a proven N.O.V.A. Marine who is called back to action by the Colonial Administration Forces to repel an upcoming alien invasion. This time around, they’re more merciless than ever before.

When you’re through with the singleplayer missions, dive deep into the world of the N.O.V.A. Legacy multiplayer – the very core of the game. Play up to 8 players in a pool of game modes including Team Deathmatch, Free For All and Capture The Flag. Customize your own Marine with unique helmets and body armors for you to mix and match with. Check out your load-out to see which guns suit you the most. Make sure you’re carrying the right ones for the right map.

N.O.V.A. Legacy has been remastered and received a wide range of improvements making the game all the more accessible whether on mobile or PC. Controls have been upgraded too which turns any gunfight much more fun than how the game already is. Play this award-winning full game for free on PC! Just download N.O.V.A. Legacy here on


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