Word Link Level 99 Guide

The developer of Word Link, Worzzle Games, designed the game to get more difficult as you move from one level to the next. They also made sure that level 99 is a level you’ll not complete easily.
With the easy and fun gameplay, you will be surprised to know that a lot of people are having trouble with level 99. If you are one of those players seeking for the right answers, you have knocked at the right door. Many levels are rather difficult because of repeating letters, and sadly, level 99 is one of those nerve-wracking levels that cause sleepless nights to many. There are 5 letters in a clockwise order for completion, “E-E-N-R-G,” and aside from the repeating letters, another thing that makes this level difficult is the fact that two of the expected answers end in letter E. While plenty of English words end in that letter, one of the answers to this puzzle has a silent E which is not commonly used.

Possible Solutions to the Level 99 Puzzle

There are 5 possible solutions as per the developer, but the obvious answers are not enough. Most players will easily solve the first word which is obviously GREEN, but there are still four words left for completion. The next giveaway answer is GENE, but the fun begins to the next ones and many have difficulties guessing the next.
Actually, there is another word that could be created with all the given letters, the word is GENRE, but not a lot of people guess that easily. Many players miss the word because of the confusing letter combination. Now given the three solutions, finding the remaining answers for level 99 Word Link is still challenging.

The player will then be left with 2 words to guess with 3 letters, and by the looks of the possible combination, it can make a player frustrated. To come up with little-used words, one must think outside of the box. The two solutions are REG and GEN, a not so commonly set of words for some.
Now that you have completed Word Link level 99, enjoy moving past level 100 and the remaining levels of more than 3000! Have fun guessing in the Word Link game. Read our Word Link FAQ section to learn more information.

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