Word Link Level 88 Guide

Wow! You are already on Word Link Level 88? Not a lot of people reach this far, things get more challenging as you move up and Word Link Level 88 is just the beginning of your arduous journey. This one’s a bit tricky. You definitely can find many words using the alphabets given to you on this level. But can you form the words with the highest points?


Word Link Level 88 Answer Key

To complete this level, you will need three sets of a four-letter word and one five-letter word. Unfortunately, words like NOT, TEN, TON, NO, TOE, FEN, NET, and ONE don’t register in the system, not even as bonus words. But, don’t get aggravated, there are plenty of words that you could come up with.
The answers to Word Link Level 88 puzzle are FONT, NOTE, TONE, and OFTEN. Sounds easy, right? But forming words that start with vowels are not something that we instinctively think of. Although there are no bonus words for this round, the good thing is we are able to solve it and you can move on to the next. Remember, things get more challenging as you move forwards so always keep your cool.

You will discover that the game Word Link will require your patience and skills. Aside from the vocabulary that you need to have to beat the game, there are also certain challenges that will bring out the best of your ability. If you are stuck in a level, do not be dismayed because we have already compiled most of the questions that players of Word Links have. We make sure that we have answered these questions and give players out there a more fun and hassle-free gaming experience.
If you need more help with other levels, be sure to check out our FAQ page. To get started, download Word Link today!

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