Who Will Enjoy Playing Word Link?

If you will check on the game advisory rating of Word Link, you will see there that the game is suitable for anyone as long as they are four years old and above, but with the challenging levels, who can really play Word Link?

Word Link is a bright and colorful game that is easy to navigate and can be played by gamers of all ages. It only requires simple swiping and word creation, but the game calls for word analysis and dedication skills plus a good background of the English language in order to win the challenging levels. The game will require a player to spell different words using the same group of letters making the game harder for kids younger than four or even those who are already four. The game has chapters and levels as you move forward and focuses on the player’s vocabulary, thus kids would find it difficult to get past the challenges.

What Makes Word Link Interesting?

The game’s difficulty increases as you move from one player to the next and if a four-year-old plays the game, the only way for him to complete a level is to use up all the hints. That is surely not a fun way to do it. Kids would end up frustrated playing the game if they will struggle to find ways to finish it. Even adults can get stumped on some difficult words and unless the kid’s vocabulary is on the advanced level, this game will be a fun learning experience for them. Of course, do play the challenging levels together and solve it as a family, or with your friends!
Word Link is more than just a crossword game and we see it as a game appropriate for someone in the 5th grade and higher who is armed with a wide vocabulary to finish all the challenges.
All things considered, we think that the game is great for anyone who knows how to play the Word Link game. Do not worry because you can always access our Word Link FAQ page to learn new information that will help you beat the game.

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