How to Play Word Link Without Using Diamonds?

Having a stash of diamonds on the game Word Link is a good way to stay in the game. It’s like knowing that whatever happens, you have an emergency lifeline to keep you afloat. But, what if you don’t have any diamonds left? Will you still win the game? The answer is yes! You can still play Word Link without diamonds. However, the question is how much time you can give experimenting with the given letters since there is a limit when it comes to time.

Is It Possible to Win in Word Link Without Diamonds?

With all the cheats available anywhere, it is so easy to get answers to the Word Link daily puzzles. However, it doesn’t do any good because it eliminates the essence of the game. Playing without spending diamonds on hints can be hard but will always be worthwhile. By pushing yourself to avoid spending any diamonds, you are pushing yourself to become better at the game by making your brain to do its job.

You are actually training yourself not to give up easily when you don’t use diamonds or hints. It’s a rewarding feeling when you are able to solve something on your own without using any hints or visiting any websites for cheats. If you are struggling on a certain level, you can sleep on it and answer it later or try harder until your brain comes up with the right answer.
But, like anything else, there will always be exceptions. You may have fried your brains but still, the answers don’t come along. You might have spent hours looking at the screen trying to come up with the right answer but to no avail. For cases like these, you can hit the button and ask for a hint and maybe that one hint can help you get the right solution.
Don’t give up easily until you have extracted all of your resources, but don’t be too hard on yourself either. Play Word Link without using your diamonds only to a reasonable extent. To help you beat the game, we have prepared articles in our FAQ section. Get into the fun and download Word Link now!

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