The Battle Cats Upgrade Guide

The upgrade section is probably one of the most important parts of a strategy game like The Battle Cats. Unlike other strategy games, the upgrade system in The Battle Cats does not affect or influence the attributes of your enemies. As simple as it may look, this mechanic is actually not just clicking and spending experience points to make your units more powerful. It is an intricate system that could make or break your game. In relation to that, getting to know some of the basic upgrade mechanics is the best way to ensure success in The Battle Cats Online Game.


Charged to Experience

Just like most games, the early stages in The Battle Cats provides a substantial quantity of resources that range from rare tickets, experience points, rare characters, cat food, and much more. Parts of these are the Battle Cats Experience Points which is the main currency utilized for upgrades. With that knowledge at hand, the next thing to consider are the various sections of the upgrade menu.

Characters Upgrade Tab

All the Basic Battle Cats characters unlocked by the player are conveniently listed in one tab. As the first tab is seen on the upgrade menu, most players hastily spend their experience points towards their characters, however, it would be better to get to know the rest of the menu first.

Cat Cannon Upgrade Tab


The Cat Cannon plays an important part in your Battle Cats defense strategy. The Cat Cannon, depending on the current level, inflicts a massive amount of damage that is great for crowd dispersion.

Worker Cat Upgrade Tab


The Worker Cat, on the other hand, is your in-game fund generator. There are two upgradable attributes listed under this tab. One of which is Efficiency that refers to the rate of income during an active battle and Wallet for expanding the income limit.

Cat Base Upgrade

The focus of this tab is the hit point improvement of your base.

Special Skills Upgrade Tab

This may be the last tab on the menu, but it contains four of the most significant elements that any player would want to upgrade first. This due to the overall effects and benefits they provide.
The first attribute called Research refers to the Cat Production cooldown speed during battle upgrading. This Battle Cats element will result in a faster Battle Cats production. The next is Accounting which refers to the number of funds acquired after defeating an enemy.
The third element called Study. Upgrading this element will increase the amount XP or Experience Points earned at the end of each level. Last but not the least is Energy. Upgrading this element will lead to the increase of the Cat Energy’s maximum limit.
These are just the basic elements each new player should remember in The Battle Cats upgrade mechanics. You can find out more about interesting treasures in this amazing strategy game. Wait, what? You have not tried out the game? Download The Battle Cats on your PC right now!

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