Knowing the Battle Cats Heavenly Tower Event

Event stages have been a staple add-on to a large margin of video game titles. The reason for this is that these missions provide an alternate narrative that is unique to the main plot. Aside from that, event stages are a great source of in-game currency including both rare and regular items. Let us do a quick overview of one of the most iconic Battle Cats stage, the Heavenly Tower Special Event.



For those who are strangers to the topic at hand, or is a new Battle Cats online game player, consider this as a heads-up just in case the Battle Cats Heavenly Tower event goes live again in the future. Do take into consideration the details disclosed in this discussion are based entirely on the Battle Cats Heavenly Tower special event currently taking place as of writing.



The Battle Cats Heavenly Tower (Cat Cloud Tower in Japan) is a special event for both English and Japanese versions of the game. As the name suggests, Battle Cats Heavenly Tower is a multi-level challenge set in a tower with 40 floors. The premise of this stage is simple, the higher you ascend, the tougher the enemies are. Defeating tough enemies always comes with great rewards (see table below).


The Battle Cats Heavenly Tower Energy and Rewards Table



Survival Techniques

Considered as one of the most challenging events during its time, The Battle Cats Heavenly Tower, however, is not without a weakness. In fact, choosing the appropriate Battle Cats team is probably the best method in conquering The Battle Cats Heavenly Tower feat. In relation to that, we have listed some of the most recommended Battle Cats characters who is perfect for the mission.


The Battle Cats Heavenly Tower Recommended Cats


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