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Welcome to The Battle Cats online game information repository where you will find all the necessary information needed to get a head start in one of the most celebrated games for mobile and Nintendo 3DS that is now available on your PC!
Learn the basic gameplay mechanics and the elements that made The Battle Cats online game one of the most downloaded games. Browse through some of the most notable Battle Cats characters and learn how to take advantage of their abilities! Dominate the entire Battle Cats universe by browsing through our repository’s diverse collection of The Battle Cats tips, tricks, hacks, and cheats.
Our The Battle Cats FAQ section lets you discover and unearth the basic Gamatoto expedition techniques, the secret behind the elusive Flower Cat, the overwhelming power of the Bahamut Cat, the exceptional challenge of the Heavenly tower, and much more! So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are new to The Battle Cats universe or you are a long-time player looking for a refresher course, look no further than our The Battle Cats FAQ page. After all, learning is just half the battle so start browsing through our FAQ section and explore the bizarre world of The Battle Cats online game. Download The Battle Cats to your PC today!

The Battle Cats Upgrade Guide

The upgrade section is probably one of the most important parts of a strategy game like The Battle Cats. Unlike other strategy games, the upgrade system in The Battle Cats does not affect or influence the attributes of your enemies. As simple as it may look, this mechanic is actually not just clicking and spending experience […]

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Everything About the Battle Cats Treasures

Most games provide ratings after each level, some in the form of stars, others through diluted adjectives like incredible, awesome, fantastic, and so on. Presented in a unique manner, The Battle Cats online game also possess those features in the form of Battle Cats treasure. Unlike most titles, Battle Cats treasures play a significant role […]

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The Battle Cats Thundia Overview

To compensate for its simplicity in terms of gameplay, The Battle Cats online game features a vast selection of characters sorted in five types of units made up of Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare, and Uber Rare. As the label of each type suggests, the difficulty of acquiring each character depends entirely on their classification. […]

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Learn About Bahamut in The Battle Cats

Adapted from the writings of an ancient Persian philosopher, Bahamut is the term used to describe the giant aquatic creature who underpins the supporting structure of Earth. Over time, the term has evolved to become an iconic label used to describe some of the most powerful creatures found in both written, visual, and simulated forms […]

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Knowing the Battle Cats Heavenly Tower Event

Event stages have been a staple add-on to a large margin of video game titles. The reason for this is that these missions provide an alternate narrative that is unique to the main plot. Aside from that, event stages are a great source of in-game currency including both rare and regular items. Let us do […]

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