Who is Hank in Talking Tom Gold Run?

Talking Tom Gold Run is an addictive game that you can play on your phone, and now you can play it on your PC. Download the game now and experience it on your PC! The game has cool characters that you can unlock and one of them is Hank. Want to know more about Hank in Talking Tom Gold Run? Read on.


What Role Does Hank Play in Talking Tom Gold Run?


Hank is the character of a dog that you have to unlock in the game. He owns an RV and more points will be given to him if he adds more things to his vehicle. Hank can collect various items that give him a slight edge while playing and it gives him the opportunity to level up faster. The green helmet is one of the items that Hank needs to collect. These items help Hank to collect coins faster, jump over obstacles, avoid damage, and fly through the air.



Another item that Hank needs to collect is the magnet. It attracts and helps to collect every single coin that Hank approaches and the more coins he collects, the more items he can purchase. Compared to Tom, Hank is a different character in terms of evasiveness but having a new face on the screen is refreshing and makes playing more exciting.


Hank is part of the Talking Tom franchise, and he also has his own game aside from his appearance in Talking Tom Gold Run. The game involves avoiding various obstacles such as water and trains while running aimlessly and collecting coins. The game is very similar to the popular and well-praised game Subway Surfers where you need to run endlessly and achieve the target goal for each level. Check out our Talking Tom Gold Run FAQ section for more information about the game.

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