What Kind of Music is Used in Talking Tom Gold Run?

The soundtrack plays an important role in a game just like in the movies. A nice soundtrack leaves a good impression to players and it draws the listener to the intensity of the gameplay. Talking Tom Gold Run features a fast-paced and energetic rock-inspired beat with the tone emphasized by a heavy drum beat and bass guitar riff.


The four minutes and twenty-three seconds soundtrack can be found online under the title “Talking Tom Gold Run – City Run.” In-game notifications to notify the player of events have been mixed in the base soundtrack.


Following the same general ideology, similar variants of the soundtrack are used in several versions of the game. With the objective of collecting as many points as possible while trying to avoid any and all obstacles, the soundtrack was set perfectly to the endless running game Talking Tom Gold Run for PC.

About Talking Tom Gold Run


The game was released on April 26, 2016, by Outfit7 Ltd. following the success of the world’s famous kitty-cat Talking Tom. The Talking Tom Gold Run soundtrack was well received by the general public and audience since it was released. Many reviewers have stated that the soundtrack is “Nice” and “Fun to listen” and similar music can be heard in the franchise’s other famous game like My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela.



The music draws the player into action effectively without overwhelming the user or annoying the non-players nearby. Apprehending the robber who took your gold while listening to the game’s music will be very useful on your mission as the music was made in a way that it can be played on an endless loop without annoying the listener because of the music constantly repeating. The music did a great job at drawing the player into the game without boring its listener.


Play Talking Tom Gold Run with the loud music on and continue to pursue that thief who has stolen your gold!

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