Ways to Beat the Robber in Talking Tom Gold Run

Hit the road and run for the gold with Talking Tom Gold Run! This awesome running game will make you run like there’s no tomorrow to get high scores. Talking Tom and the rest of the gang is after a thief who pick-pocketed them, and the goal is to pursue to robber relentlessly until you get the precious metal back. If you are looking to beat the Talking Tom Gold Run Robber, sadly it is not possible, so just focus on getting high scores. How to do that? Let’s find out!


Catch the Talking Tom Gold Run Robber


There are two ways to ensure that you have an edge while playing Talking Tom Gold Run aside from playing and practicing non-stop. First is to upgrade the houses and to make sure that your characters have the best attributes. The easiest part of the game is unlocking more houses and to do that, you need to make sure that you have enough gold bars. Collect as many gold bars as possible to get the edge and one way to do that is to master the quick-change moves.



Grab all the gold bars below your character without waiting for the jump. To complete the level, cancel your jump motion with a roll by swiping down while mid-jump. Using the swiping down method to land on a bus could be a little difficult but if timed correctly, you can land on a bus and perform another jump without touching the ground. This move is very useful in getting all the gold bars across the screen.


The more gold you get, the more houses and multipliers you earn. You will need the four character attributes to give you all the strengths you’ll need to collect the houses. Keep your magnet and get more gold with Magnet Duration. Save your skin and stay on the game with the Helmet Duration. Plane Duration keeps you airborne longer and Double Bar Duration keeps your double bars and earnings up. Use this combo and get guaranteed gold bars every time.


Download Talking Tom Gold Run for PC now and enjoy never-ending fun time with Tom and the gang! You can also check out our Talking Tom Gold Run FAQ section to know more about the game.

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