Learn About the Cool Characters of Talking Tom Gold Run

Our lovable furry hero Talking Tom gets himself a runner game with Talking Tom Gold Run. Aside from the bright and juicy-colored world, flamboyant decorations, and flashy decorations, you also need to look out for the marvelous Talking Tom Gold Run characters that you can unlock in this amazing game.


The main character is the adorable and mischievous gray cat with black stripes on the side of his face, Talking Tom. Tom has remarkable green eyes and white eyebrows, and he dons a simple attire of green shirt matched with blue shorts with no footwear. As you unlock the 18 Talking Tom Gold Run characters, you will have more skins and costumes that you can interchange depending on your mood.



There are 9 other variations of the Talking Tom characters to choose from such as Frosty, Officer, Agent, Hyper, Super, Splashy, Fireman, King, and Cowboy. Every character has its own appearance and own personality and the environment of the city changes with the seasons and holidays.


Our kitty-cat friend lives in a two-story red house, and you can upgrade and unlock houses once you completed a task. Other characters are out for you to unlock and play with, too.


One character you shouldn’t miss is Angela, the beautiful blue-eyed white cat. Old time characters like Hank, Ben, and Ginger are present too. Collect as many gold coins as you can to earn points to unlock other characters.


Talking Tom Gold Run Upgrades


Upgrades could be earned through the four categories but you cannot use your upgrade for other characters, so make sure you hold onto your upgrade until you unlock a new character that you want to keep.


Immerse in the fun world of Talking Tom Gold Run. Learn more about the game and check out our guide in beating the robber in Talking Tom Gold Run.

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