Introduction to Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless running game from game developer Outfit7. The game is perfect for kids 9 years old and up. The game’s objective is to run as long as you can while catching the robber who took your precious gold bar. Collect rewards like gold bars and prize boxes to help build your dream home or collect boost and coins to help you keep running in the game.


Collect boost while playing to collect more coins and advance to a stage faster as boost can help you run faster. Run quickly to collect more prizes so Talking Tom and Angela can help you build your dream house faster.



Look out for running vehicles or any objects that could end your life. Play on different stages like Hawaii or Snowy Mountain for additional fun. Earn more coins and purchase different characters. The fun never stops in this game and the longer you play, the more addicting it gets. Prepare yourself as heaps of adventure awaits you!


Talking Tom Gold Run Gameplay


At first, your character will be Talking Tom but you can purchase other characters like Talking Angela and Kung Fu Hank. You can also complete weekly challenges to earn rewards and move up levels and complete missions. Share your accomplishments on your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook and share the fun with your friends or compete and connect with other online players and make new friends while running endlessly.


Talking Tom Gold Run is similar to the popular games Subway Surfers and Temple Run. You can download the game for free and enjoy endless hours of fun as you chase the robber responsible for taking your gold bullions and continue to build your dream house. Unlock the world of Talking Tom and run endlessly for unlimited hours of entertainment. Read our Talking Tom Gold Run FAQ page to know the latest tips and tricks in the game.

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