Getting Started in Talking Tom Gold Run

Are you interested to know how to play Talking Tom Gold Run?


With simple controls like left and right arrow key to avoid obstacles, Talking Tom Gold Run for PC can be played by anyone. However, you can take your game to the next level by jumping into the air and swiping down to cancel your jump immediately with a roll. You can also use this technique to quickly jump on a bus.


Talking Tom Gold Run Gameplay


Your aim is to collect as many gold bars as possible. You will come across other items but they are not as valuable as gold. One good investment is a vault as it can produce even more gold. A football helmet will save you from a bump with one obstacle. You can also earn double with the 2x multiplier but always aim for gold whenever possible.



Upgrading your house in Talking Tom Gold Run is the primary method to unlock new characters and increase your multiplier. With every house that you unlock your multiplier will go up by 1x. If you want to gain access to the next characters, you will need to unlock a new house. Upgrading house is the only progression in the game and this is where you will be using all the gold bars and diamonds you collect.


The are other boosts such as Magnet, Plane, and Double Bar that will help you, but Plane and Double Bar duration will work for you best because if you have a longer plane you will skip large sections of the level and still be able to collect gold bars.


Save your dynamites for restarting a race if it’s under 2-4 pieces or for upgrading your house or diamond vault rather than wasting it on things like doubling gold until you have lots of gold. Remember that the main goal of Talking Tom Gold Run is for you to have fun! So, have loads of it! Read our Talking Tom Gold Run FAQ page for more tips.

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