Are There Other Games Similar to Talking Tom Gold Run?

When we hear the word Talking Tom, what comes to mind is the gray cat that you need to take care of like your own pet. But, Talking Tom Gold Run for PC is nothing like Talking Tom when it comes to the gameplay. While Talking Tom is geared towards children and offers to repeat your voice in a comical tone, Talking Tom Gold Run is about chasing down a robber who has stolen your gold bars and your goal is to collect those gold bars and use it to build your house and your friend’s houses to unlock new levels.


Talking Tom Gold Run Alternative Games


We have narrowed down the list of similar games to Talking Tom Gold Run that can be played by teenagers and adults and targets a wider range of audience. The most popular is Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Like Talking Tom Gold Run, Temple Run and Subway Surfers are fast-paced running games that require the player to dodge oncoming obstacles and collect coins as they run in various tracks.



Talking Tom Gold Run is more similar to Subway Surfers but the Talking Tom characters make the game more interesting because of the fun obstacles they need to overcome. Similar to how Subway Surfer works, you can get bonuses if you come across a certain item but if you hit the obstacles, you will die.


The game is also similar to the ever popular Temple Run in terms of the simplistic and fast-paced running style mechanics. The obstacles and the hurdles will keep your fingers busy and your adrenaline pumping. These types of games could come in handy when you are waiting in line or wanted to take a break from a busy day. These popular games can get you addicted and they are a good way to kill time. Download Talking Tom Gold Run on your PC today! If you want to know more about the game, you can also check our article about the characters in Talking Tom Gold Run.

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