What’s the Best Weapon Available to You in Swamp Attack?

In Swamp Attack, ‘best weapon’ could mean the strongest or it could be the most stubborn, meaning the weapon with the least need for ammunition but with the most bite. In that case, that weapon could be the assault rifle, or it could be the shotgun all along!


The Best Weapon is…



The winner of the ‘Swamp Attack Best Weapon’ award is none other than—the flamethrower! In any game, the weapon that can deal the most damage to a mob is considerably the strongest. In Swamp Attack, it’s not surprising that the best weapon is the mob-clearing flamethrower. If you play the game, try it out once you have the chance. With the undead mob’s HP burning out, you can blast them away at your leisure even before they get near your house. However, the problem with the flamethrower is that it’s a beast to refill as it burns out pretty fast. You’d have to time your usage in order to keep the mob at bay while it refills.


Of course, this is where the upgrades for the Swamp Attack best weapon comes in. Didn’t we tell you those coins will come in handy eventually? Upgrading the flamethrower lets you expand the effects of the attack in a wider spread—now you cover the air as well as the water! Isn’t that neat? The shotgun is another worthy gun, but you’d have to use the Tabasco pepper to get any fuel going for reloading. You can trick the shotgun to fire sporadically once the bullets are gone, but you can also try to fire and reload, so that you won’t have to spend all the time reloading—and watch your home be bitten to smithereens!


Keep playing, and eventually, you’ll be able to grind your way to unlocking/buying the flamethrower. Do it right away if you have the chance—it’s worth it.


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