What Kind of Game is Swamp Attack?

Swamp Attack is about our hero—a heavyset man with his trusty shotgun at his sides living in a hut next to a swamp. In the swamp, there are many creatures, but these aren’t your normal swamp variety creatures; each of them is out to kill our hero and take over his humble abode.



You will be playing as the hero and the missions represent the dogged determination of the undead denizens to go after your hut, but in the name of your BBQ grill, you won’t surrender! Each level becomes harder and harder to finish as you progress, and eventually, you’ll have to change your trusty shotgun. After you’ve run out of upgrades, you’ll have to change it for an Uzi, an M-16, or even something that packs more punch like flamethrowers, or even an alien gun! These, coupled with mob clearers like dynamites or Molotovs, are your tools to clear the Swamp Attack that is happening to your hut.


The enemies progress from anthropomorphic crocodiles to crazier ones like a giant, poison-spitting mosquitoes, chainsaw-carrying beavers, and dynamite-riding raccoons. You’ll have to use all of your weapons with some skills if you want to keep your beloved hut.


Download and play Swamp Attack on your PC for free!  You can also check out our Swamp Attack FAQ to know more about the game!

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