What are the Swamp Attack Weapons at your Disposal?

This game has a wealth of Swamp Attack weapons to choose from. With the crowd of undead braying for your hut, you’ll have to make sure you have a wealth of weapons to choose from. Take a look at this list:


  • The unlimited-ammo, slow-to-reload shotgun
  • The inaccurate, but critically-damaging uzi
  • The long-range M16
  • The herd-thinning flamethrower
  • The long-range, critical-to-aim crossbow
  • The flamethrower’s brother from another off-world mother, the alien gun
  • The strong-but-not recommended RPG
  • The equally effective minigun
  • The Explosives. These are the dynamites (turtles hate it!) which is effective as a crowd-control weapon; it’s slow to return, but if it works, you’ll be able to get multi-kills.
  • Swamp Attack weapons provided by the swamp such as acid rain, a stop sign, an airstrike, a beehive, the stinky, and an A-Bomb.


An interesting feature is the Easter egg, which you get from the quick game modes. If all else fails and if you can’t conjure weapons, at the least, you’ll have the egg to fall back on.



Where Do You Get These Weapons?


These weapons are provided through the game’s features. The shotgun, the uzi, and the M16 are provided for you as you play through the levels. You also get some defense provided for you in the form of various barriers like barricades, barrels, and special, named defense like the Aunt Misty, the Beat, the mine and the Neighbor Bud.


These barriers have a job—to defend against the creatures of the swamp—but they can also be a big help by thinning the mob’s HP, with which you can then use to create a multi-kill, giving you big bonuses in the form of multiple coins.


Named ‘weapons,’ like cousin Roy, is also a special, among the different Swamp Attack weapons. He’s great against mosquitoes and other creatures, but he is quite expensive to maintain.


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