Swamp Attack—In the Beginning

Outfit7, the developers of the My Talking Tom series, now brings Swamp Attack, a story featuring a man of simple ways and means who always has his shotgun right at his side as he takes on hordes of undead en route to his location.


The Swamp Attack storyline presents our hero, minding his own business till one day when there are hordes of the undead—just not quite what you’d expect—decided to invade him. Zombie versions of the reptiles and insects that populate the swamp. Each of them attacks in different ways and waves, and they are intent on turning you into one of them. Your hero, however, has his trusty guns by his side. It’s just another ordinary day at the swamp, listening to music, roasting the BBQ, killin’ crocs and turtles.



Reptiles aren’t the only enemies here. Mammals, such as raccoons, other lizards, and even mosquitoes that attack the other way round—spit rather than suck—make your hero’s life a living hell. However, you need them—or need to kill them—for a lot of other rewards. You get your instruments of doom from them. The money or credits you get from them are used to buy boosters like dynamites and potions that you use in combat.


If you have nothing better to do, you’d find that it’s really hard to put this game down once you’ve started with it. There are lots of content in this game to be played—over 78 levels of it, divided into four episodes.


Each episode in the Swamp Attack storyline is concluded with a boss fight! Unsurprisingly, this will test your skills and require you to use the items that you have learned through the levels. There are also UFOs that steal resources from you and leave you with only your wits and shotgun. Whittle down these supposed ‘smarter’ species, and you receive their booty.


There are other levels as well, such as the in-game shop’s mini games. Weapons that can be unlocked there or through purchase. This only gives you more incentives to keep on playing and gets you more addicted!


What are you waiting for? It’s time to download and play Swamp Attack!

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