Is There Something Strange in Swamp Attack?

Strangeness is a state of mind. In Swamp Attack, ‘strange’ could mean a lot of things. In the swamp, ‘strange’ means having to sit on your rocking chair, aiming at the oncoming zombified reptiles—which, in themselves, are strange too. Then you’ve got the dynamite-riding raccoons, the poison-spitting mosquitoes, and the house on the swamp. What’s behind the game’s strangeness, really?



Swamp Attack’s Strange Case


There are a lot of strange things you can notice in Swamp Attack. There is a comprehensive list in Swamp Attack’s strange occurrences, but there are also other things you can easily notice about the game.


  • For starters, you have the cabin. It’s found in the middle of the swamp. Cabins can be found near the swamp in the Southern states, but what’s strange is our hero. Is there something he’s running away from? Is he a criminal, trying to escape the law? Is he someone who’s fed up with society, and wants to get away from everything bad about it?


  • There are two things that are strange about crocodiles in this game. For one, you can see them walking around on two legs. A crocodile that’s able to walk on two legs is already a walking nightmare, but fortunately, they’re weak. Weaker than even the armored reptiles—the turtles—as well as the raccoons, beavers, and gun-toting possums. It is rather strange how these undead crocodiles have suddenly turned weak—like they’re geckos!


  • Piranhas are fresh-water fish, so it wouldn’t be strange how they manage to live in a freshwater environment like the swamp. Considering that the swamp is more dirty than clear, however, it’s a big question why these piranhas even managed to survive in the first place!


  • The swamp and the animals are already strange, but so is the fact that your shotgun never, ever runs out of bullets! There are theories behind this, ranging from the swamp having magical powers, which accounts for the protagonist’s preference in living in the area as well as the longevity of his swamp cabin. To be sure, however, that shotgun’s handy in a situation such as this!


Have you noticed anything else that’s considerably Swamp Attack ‘strange’? Feel free to point them out through the comments section or write to us!


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