How Do You Play Swamp Attack?

Swamp Attack is quite an easy game to learn and easy to play as well. You are put in the role of your character: the overweight, swamp-loving, BBQ and country-lovin’ woodland man as he wards off the undead reptiles of the Swamp. The shotgun, your first weapon, fires unlimited ammo and can also spray bullets on the undead. The goal to keep them from reaching your hut and destroying it, along with your character. But that’s only the half of the story!



While protecting your hut, you should also concentrate on improving conditions for your side. You do realize that these denizens will get stronger with each level. You’ll have to adjust your weapons to kill the creatures as they get stronger. You will also realize that in Swamp Attack, the shotgun is just one of your weapons. There are other stronger weapons, each performing a different function for you. You will be able to more effectively kill the undead with the various weapons, as well as defeating the boss. Don’t sweat the small stuff though! You’ll be able to buy more weapons in Swamp Attack with the coins you collect after completing each level. The key is to focus on weapons that don’t require ammo. An Uzi might be effective as a crowd-control weapon, but you can’t really rely on it as a long-ranged weapon. The shotgun is a good overall weapon, but you can get easily overwhelmed when there is a large mob coming.


Defeat the bosses and the mob as well, and you get to progress further into the story. You will uncover the truth behind the start of these attacks! Download and play Swamp Attack on your PC for free! Want to know more information about Swamp Attack? Check out other Swamp Attack FAQs!

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