How Do You Get More Coins in Swamp Attack?

It’s pretty easy to get coins in Swamp Attack. These Swamp Attack coins are used to get different items, but mainly, you use them to buy your first few weapons and power them up. To get these coins, you can repeat some missions after you’ve completed them!


As you progress, you’ll find better and stronger weapons simply because you most probably upgraded them. You should choose a level that you don’t find too hard. Trust me, some of the other levels here are hard enough to get by, even with an upgraded weapon. However, once you get better, you should be able to breeze through these basic levels. To save your Swamp Attack coins, you should also choose a level that’s easy to finish! Replaying missions gets you more coins, but don’t get too cocky playing the easy ones—they also pay the smallest amount of coins in Swamp Attack.



You’ll know you have enough coins from grinding when you can already buy any of the various power-ups available in the game. Save your Swamp Attack coins for these power-ups; don’t waste them on buying bullets for the Uzi and the M16. You’ll be able to get those as you grind once again. Focus on the weapons that make life against the zombies easier the most; the better your weapons, the easier it is to get past these missions. Just watch out that you don’t deplete your resources on the ‘shiny’ things, or weapons that you won’t be using as frequently as the others!


If you have real money to spend, then by all means, go ahead! But if you’d rather keep the game as a game, grind for those Swamp Attack coins. Don’t forget to play the quick missions as you gain extra ammunition from them as well!


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