Can you Regain your Energy in Swamp Attack?

If you have been playing for hours upon hours, it’s easy to lose track of your Swamp Attack energy bars. These are on the upper rightmost corner, and they’re in the form of batteries. When these run out, then it’s game over for you—for the moment, at least. But don’t worry! Like you, we’re frustrated when the energy runs out. Here’s how you can extend your retries in this game!


There’s a neat little trick that lets you refill energy without having to wait for a long time for the game to reset. It involves tooling around with the game’s settings and a little ingenuity on your part.


It requires you to exit the game. Cumbersome, we know, but you have to do it! Then, go to your device’s ‘date/time’ settings and move the time forward. This will fool the device—and the app as well—to think that time has already moved forward. When you check the energy on your device, you’ll find that it has already been refilled. Awesome! More time to blast away at the undead reptiles, then!


You can check this site for the latest Swamp Attack updates and tips and tricks. There are also cheats and hacks here. If you’d rather try the game out for yourself, download and play Swamp Attack on PC—don’t hesitate, the swamp cabin is waiting for you!



Swamp Attack in a Nutshell


In Swamp Attack, energy is important. It’s a third-person game that puts you in the shoes of a heavyset redneck man living in a peaceful cabin in the swamp. Using your trusty shotgun and your rocking chair, defeat the undead or mutated denizens of the swamp! Drive them back, or risk having your home overrun by these creatures! Use different weapons at your disposal—become the self-proclaimed warrior of the swamp!


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