What is the Best Way to Use Explosives in Swamp Attack?

When you’re playing Swamp Attack, you should always go for maximum carnage—try to take out as many as you can with a single shot! You can do that if you’ve upgraded your shotgun to the fullest and unlocked other guns as well. But in Swamp Attack, explosives play a role in clearing out a large number of mobs at a time. Don’t just throw them away like nothing! These dynamites, bombs, and other zany contraptions that our redneck hero uses against the mobs of the swamp are vital to his survival.


Each of these Swamp Attack explosives are good for some creatures, while they are pretty useless against the others so it is crucial to know when is a good time to use them. For example, you should use explosives on crocodiles only when there is a whole lot of them heading your way as they are one of the weakest creatures in the game. When compared to the possums and the raccoons, these crocodiles are harmless. A good tip to use Swamp Attack explosives is when there are more possums, raccoons, and turtles than there are crocodiles. (Hint: Those turtles really HATE those dynamite sticks!)



Another prime reason for using Swamp Attack explosives is to get as many hits as you can, or multi-kills. Multi-kills can multiply the coin bonus that you receive. While killing two or three crocodiles can easily net your multi-kills, using the explosives can get you about twice or thrice as much as that! Use the explosives while the group is still far from the hut. You should, at your own discretion, decide when to use them. A good strategy is to only use them when absolutely necessary, such as when there are more hard-to-kill creatures than there are creatures you can easily take out with your shotgun.


If you haven’t tried out Swamp Attack yet, download on your PC today! If you’re stuck on a level or don’t know what to do, check out our extensive Swamp Attack FAQ page right now!

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