Best Swamp Attack Tips to Win the Game

Swamp Attack can be a frustrating game when you are unable to proceed to the next level. As the levels go on, you face enemies that become increasingly harder to kill. If that’s the case, then you’ll need all the Swamp Attack tips that you can get! Read on to find out more tips!



Let’s start off with a simple tip—when aiming for the strongest,  always go for the head. That is also why you need to take out the strongest creatures of the swamp first! When you play the game—and really play it—as the levels progress and the monsters reveal themselves, you’ll know who are the ones worth going for first and the ones you can save for last.


It’s simple deduction, really. When you look at it, the strongest are the hardest and the longest to kill. It is a good tactic to go for the strongest first, no matter how far away they are from the hut. That way, once the others are near enough, you can just go for the kill and finish them off with a few rounds of shotgun or blast them away using the assault rifle or the uzi. Aim for the strongest among the creatures—that is, the rifle-wielding possums and the dynamite-riding raccoons. You should also learn to distinguish between the alligator-biting turtles, the helmeted crocs, and the plain’ ol’ crocs. Go for the possums first, if they arrive with weaker monsters. The same goes for the raccoons, riding on their improvised log bombs. It might be strange to see these monsters stronger than the crocs, but this is Swamp Attack, after all.


That’s just one Swamp Attack tip—there are others, but we’ll leave it to you to figure those out. Once you’ve got the crocodiles left, we suggest using a gun like the shotgun or the flamethrower to take them all out at once!


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