When did Subway Surfers start?

Subway Surfers, the game of endless running became the first game on the Google Play Store to cross the one billion downloads threshold in March 2018. Meanwhile, two months later, Subway Surfers crossed the two billion download mark! Despite the continuing success, let’s not forget that everything started with small and humble beginnings! Subway Surfers was released 6 years ago in May of 2012 with updates based on seasonal holidays. Since January 2013, updates have been based on a World Tour theme, which updates the setting of the game every three to four weeks.

With the success, the game received praises and critics at the same time! Some critics praised the game’s visual style, intuitive controls, and entertaining gameplay, but others criticized it for its monotonous world and unresponsive controls. When asked about the secret to staying on top and making sure you still have players after 6 years, they said: In the end, it really comes down to listening to the fans. They recognized that the fans have the power to keep you alive despite the test of time. True enough, even after 6 years, they continue to stay at the top! Not only that, but fans all over the world are joining in the fun and keeping the fandom bright and alive!


In terms of the ideas that they had while developing the game, Subway Surfer’s influences are far and wide! According to an article, the developers from Kiloo and SYBO said that the graffiti theme is mainly based on the documentary ‘Style Wars,’ from 1983. The visual look and feel, on the other hand, are very much inspired by Disney movies, with its soft, cartoony style, and gameplay comes from familiar places. That is one of the factors why it has become a game of all ages and of all time!



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