What is Subway Surfers World Tour?

Do you like traveling? Is a game that takes you all across the globe sound like a fun idea to you? With Subway Surfers World Tour, you can get a virtual tour all over the world with just your mobile phone or PC. Playing and having fun is the formula for this game’s success. In this game, the goal is to run quickly on top of subways and rail tracks before the grumpy guard catches you. Of course coins, prizes, bonuses, and special gifts can be collected along the way!


With the coins and prizes you get, you can upgrade your character and purchase boosters to help you run away faster and collect more coins. Avoid obstacles by jumping through the subway rooftops and jumping over hurdles and barriers along the way. Failing to do so will get you on major trouble! Just remember to collect as many coins as possible and other in-game items while on the run, and surely you’ll reach your target score!


There are also updated versions of the former countries already visited. Subway Surfers Beijing is the latest edition out now. As long as there’s still one person that plays this game, they will continue to develop the game! No doubt that the Subway Surfers World Tour is the next big thing out there in the gaming world! See why people are calling this the next big game with over a billion downloads and hundreds of live gameplay to watch from all over the world. There are also special power-ups like boosters, the tokens, mystery boxes, other types of boards, and more to be found all inside the game.


Now that you’re world class, aim that high score! It is the Subway Surfers World Tour! Compete with your friends to be the best subway surfer in the world! Everyone’s subway surfing these days so what are you waiting for? Download the game now and start surfing away!



Interested in the game? Download it today for some cruisin’ fun! Do you want more awesome tips, tricks, and hacks to help you dominate in the game? Read our complete list of Subway Surfers FAQs now!

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