What is Subway Surfers Mexico?

The Subway Surfers Mexico is the sixteenth installment in the series of Subway Surfers. Not to be confused with the Mexico edition that was released in 2017, the 16th installment is also known as Subway Surfers World Tour: Mexico City. In this edition, a new character, Rosa is introduced. A new outfit called Fox is added as well.


Rosa is the exclusive character that is released in conjunction with the Subway Surfers World Tour: Mexico City. Rosa is a character that can be unlocked with 95,000 coins from the in-game store. She resembles a typical Mexican girl with long brown hair, brown eyes, thick eyebrows, and long eyelashes. Players are able to get a new outfit for Rosa too. You will be able to get this exclusive Fox outfit with just 15 keys in Subway Surfers Mexico. This outfit will change Rosa’s default colorful clothing into the chic black. While holding the same brown and gold fan, Rosa now wears a black mask which covers the top half of her face. Topped with a new black hat, Rosa looks more mysterious. This look seems to be inspired by the movie The Mask of Zorro.


A new hoverboard, Prickly, is added in Subway Surfers Mexico City. This hoverboard can be purchased for 50,000 coins in the in-game store. Like the other hoverboards, Prickly does not have any special abilities. Its default ability is to protect the character from crashing for 30 seconds when in use. Prickly is shaped like a cactus, green in color. The hoverboard has teeth, eyes, eyebrows and even a mustache drawn on its green body.



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