What is Subway Surfers Iceland?

Since the start of the World Tour, Subway Surfers continue to tour all over the world. In all locations and countries of different weather and season. Now join in the fun as Subway Surfers take on the tracks of Iceland. This is the 55th installment of the World Tour series. With a new place, the running never stops! Go through ice caves and snowy tracks to collect coins. This endless-running game tells the story of a teenager who needs to escape after drawing graffiti at a train station. The goal of the game is to run quickly on top of subways and rail tracks before the guard and his dog catches you.


Coins, prizes, bonuses and special gifts can be collected along the way! With the coins and prizes you get, you are entitled to upgrade your character and purchase boosters to help you run away faster and collect more coins! Escape obstacles by jumping through the subway rooftops and jumping over hurdles and barriers along the way. Remember to collect as many coins as possible and other in-game items while on the run as they will surely help you!


Players can use the new limited edition character that comes with the Iceland edition. The Iceland special character is named Bjarki and can be unlocked if you have 95,000 coins. Bjarki has a special power outfit that costs 15 keys. Other than outfits, more than using your coins on characters, you can also upgrade your hoverboards!


For Subway Surfers Iceland, you can purchase the latest hoverboard, Big Blue, for only 50,000 coins and glide through the subway easily! The weekly hunt items for this edition are Puffins! Now join Bjark in the fun in Subway surfing! Check out the game and discover a whole lot more about the characters when you play Subway Surfers Iceland. Play Subway Surfers on PC now and have a blast!



To get more awesome tips, tricks, and game hacks, read our Subway Surfers FAQs page. If you like the game, make sure to download it for PC here.

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