What is Subway Surfers Hawaii?

There are a total of two versions of Subway Surfers Hawaii being released, the first in 2015 and the second one in 2017. The release of Subway Surfers Hawaii was to celebrate the opening of Volcano Bay Waterpark, based in Florida on 25th May 2017. The latest version is the sixty-fifth edition part of the World Tour series and the seventieth version in Subway Surfers.


Just like the other Subway Surfers World Tour editions, this Hawaii edition consists of surfing on subways and earning points as you travel through the game. Similar to the original version, coins are aligned on top of each subway carriage and the player controls the movement of the character. The objective of the game is to avoid obstacles by jumping across carriages and sliding through barricades. Other tricks that the character can do includes somersaulting, jumping over a large gap, or simply skipping to the right or left. You will be faced with other challenges the players as you proceed in the game, making it progressively harder.


New characters are introduced in Subway Surfers Hawaii. The 2017 version brings back Izzy for a certain number of in-game coins. The characters are dressed in different colorful garments that you would typically find on people in Hawaii. The characters also appear to be wearing a colorful headpiece, another traditional Hawaiian garment fitting with the theme, and flowers around their necks. They are mostly dressed in summer fashion targeted for the hot climate of Hawaii. There is a new board introduced as well which has white flowers and green background. This Ukelele hoverboard is exclusive to this version and cannot be found in other versions of Subway Surfers.


During the gameplay, you will find that even the surroundings and backdrop are Hawaiian-themed! There will be many beach-related scenes while you surf along the subway tracks. You will also see colorful Tiki heads alongside the tracks, which showcases the vibrant Hawaiian theme. In the underground, the track runs through a volcanic mountain with lava on both sides.



Try out this summer version of Subway Surfers on PC and get surfing right now! Read more tips for the game in our Subway Surfers FAQs.

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