Who is the Subway Surfer World Record Holder?

Subway Surfers, no doubt, is the simplest game one could ever play and not to mention, the best out there! This game simply tops off the categories for best games. Good graphics: check!; Multi-lingual: check!; No age limits: check!; New and exciting updates: check! Everything is just a job well done.! Sure enough, you will not find yourself bored with this game because it will take you all over the globe (no passports needed!)


The World Record is sort of the list of the players with the highest scores in the game. Mind you there are millions of players, so ranking on the top of the leaderboards is extremely difficult. Looking at the charts of the Worldwide toppers, you’ll realize how serious this game is! Players from all over the world get high scores not less than 7 digits! Imagine their hard work! According to research, Karim M. of Pakistan currently holds the highest score of 2,000,001,660 points.


Some sources argue that the world record holder might not be completely through hard work and dedication because there are a lot of cheats in the game. So basically, anyone could have cheated their way through the leaderboards. Another source said however, there is an existing posted score of people without cheats. This ensures no cheats because the website recognizes cheat codes and does not allow those scores to be submitted. The highest score came from Alexandre Pereira who got a score of 1,000,000,946 points playing the Subway Surfers World Tour: Hawaii edition.



Until now, we do not know if there are still those who can beat this score of Alexandra, but I hope that if they do, they would do it honestly! Bragging rights or no-bragging rights, there is no need to cheat! The internet is already filled with a bunch of fake news already, don’t add up to it! Games are meant to be enjoyed. It is not meant to be an avenue that creates a distorted value of winning that relies on cheats and hackings. Win that highest score with hard work with one thing intact: integrity. Check out our other guides in Subway Surfers FAQ page for more tips and tricks for you to surpass your high score!

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