Meet the Subway Surfer Yutani!

Subway Surfers has been a popular game ever since its release in May of 2012. True enough, the endless running did not stop even after 6 years as they have come up with new updates every now and then. Now, you can also try Subway Surfers on PC!


More than the game itself, you get to explore more of it with the game’s characters! Join Jake and the rest of the gang as they surf the subway and try not to get caught. Part of the game is also unlocking characters with the incentives you collect along the way! There are more characters to unlock as the game progresses. Aside from unlocking Jake in the first level, Subway Surfers has Yutani! For beginners, her face may not ring a bell. Certainly, she is not the most popular one since unlocking Yutani requires 500 tokens– the most number of tokens required to unlock a character. Not just ordinary tokens but Yutani UFO tokens.


She’s described as a girl in a green alien suit with spots at the bottom and four arms. She’s also known as the gang’s tech genius, having that wild imagination! She certainly loves science! She is known to be the hardest character to unlock in the game because of the number of tokens required.


Look out for other characters that you can unlock throughout the game! You may catch them in the Youtube Series about Subway Surfers which is popular among worldwide fans. Get to know the backgrounds of the game’s characters. Know more about Jake and Tricky and the rest of the squad.  These short clips show the real life of the characters and how they became the subway surfers. Try watching the videos and all the more the game!



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