Meet the Subway Surfers Inspector!

Subway Surfers has been a popular game ever since its release in May of 2012 and there are various characters in the game. One of the most familiar characters in the game would be the Inspector. He is actually the reason why Jake and the rest of the gang surf the subway!


Meet Broodibus A. Jopobus, also known as The Inspector, who is, in reality, a security guard. His main job is to ensure that the area is free of vandals and trespassers. The inspector is seen on the screen every start of the game, as he chases Jake for a few seconds. After that, his next appearance together with his dog is when Jake or the character running stumbles. The game ends when he finally catches up with the Subway Surfers. Most players of the game refer to him as either “The Grumpy Inspector” or “Grumpy” for short.


The Inspector usually appears as a stereotypical American security guard—middle-aged, overweight male with a security guard uniform that varies in color from blue to green to brown depending on the edition. Yes, this appearance does change from time to time especially based on certain holidays or special events and locations. In various editions of the game, he was dressed as a Knight, the Easter Bunny, and even Santa Claus.


In the New Orleans edition, The Inspector was portrayed as Frankenstein’s Monster and his dog as a skeleton dog. To date, the Surfers have been to 46 different destinations with 85 updates to the World Tour. Each one of these has introduced a new character as well as a brand new hoverboard. However, there have only been 6 different uniforms that The Inspector has worn.




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