Meet Jasmine from Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers has been a popular game ever since its release in May of 2012. There are various editions of this game where exclusive characters are released.


Exciting characters await you as you get to explore more of the game! Join Jake and the rest of the gang as they surf the subway and try not to get caught. There are more characters to unlock as the game progresses.  One of them is Jasmine. She is a limited character exclusive in the Subway Surfers World Tour: Cairo edition. She can be purchased for 95,000 coins, just like all other limited characters. She was also the twentieth limited character in Subway Surfers and the eighteenth limited character in the World Tour series.


Jasmine appears to be an Egyptian princess wearing traditional Egyptian clothing, white dress with gold designs, gold bangles, black leggings, and turquoise sandals. Her makeup consists of cyan eyeshadow and red lipstick. Since her character for the Cairo edition includes an outfit, she could also appear on screen wearing a safari hat with sunglasses, and a black scarf with binoculars on her neck. She has light green polo, and tan shorts together with her beige colored-sneakers. Just a fun fact: Jasmine is currently the only character that falls from the sky.


There are other characters to reveal in this game! Try out the Subway Surfers World Tour to unlock other limited edition characters like Jasmine! As you get to know more about the characters, you also get to experience new power-ups and hoverboards from all over the globe! Check it out now!



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