Is Subway Surfer endless?

Is there such a thing as a never-ending game? Never-getting-tired-of-playing players are ultimately the ones we’re familiar with. But this time, with Subway Surfers or any game like Temple Run, I assure you there will be no end in running! Well not exactly! Though they are categorized as endless running games, they are, in reality not endless.


The game ends definitely when you lose! But other than that, you will definitely be forced to end the game at some point or the other. Want to learn how you can make your Subway Surfers never-ending? Read on to find out!


Improve your multiplier to get a better chance of making your Subway Surfers never-ending. Every time you start a new game, your multiplier will be set at x1. With every mission completed, you will increase your level in the game and improve your multiplier capacity. You can increase the multiplier up to x30, which is very significant in the later parts of the game where the stakes are higher.


Missions in Subway Surfers will include simple tasks such as collecting a specific number of coins, jumping over the obstacles for a certain number of times and picking up specific power-ups for a certain number of times. There are also many other different tasks that you will see when you play Subway Surfer. You can also track the progress of your daily missions by tapping the Missions button at the top of the screen. Learn how to get a better score in Subway Surfers here!



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