Introduction to Subway Surfers Transylvania

Now the 41st installment, Subway Surfers Transylvania ventures in the mysterious land of bloodthirsty vampires and howling wolves. Inspired by Hotel Transylvania, explore the supernatural world with Zombie Jake and his friends. Halloween’s just around the corner so get those pumpkin baskets and collect coins! Trick or treat in this endless-running game because this mobile game is not only available on mobile phones. Try it out on Kindle and Windows phones! Not only that, but you can also try Subway Surfers on PC! The game was released in October of 2015 by Kiloo and SYBO.


Subway Surfers Transylvania gives you a glimpse of the supernatural world of vampires, werewolf, zombies and more! Prepare to surf the subway and earn more coins!  Same with Subway Surfers, the goal of the game is to run quickly on top of subways and rail tracks before the grumpy Inspector catches you.


Of course coins, prizes, bonuses, and special gifts can be collected along the way! What a treat! With the coins and prizes you get, you can upgrade your character and purchase boosters to help you run away faster and collect more coins. Avoid obstacles by jumping through the subway rooftops and jumping over hurdles and barriers along the way. Failing to do so will get you on major trouble!  Just remember to collect as many coins as possible and other in-game items while on the run, and surely you’ll reach your target score!


With this edition from World Tour series, with the coins, you earn you can unlock limited edition characters. See the underworld with Mike, a werewolf and the Transylvania special character! You can purchase him for 95,000 coins. By attaining in-game prizes called character attributes, players can also unlock new and different outfits that fit the latest edition of the game. For this game, you can dress up Mike with Howl outfit.


Aside from the special character and outfits that come with it, you can also use your coins to upgrade your hoverboard. For Subway Surfers Transylvania, you get your hand on the latest hoverboard named Phantom whose special power is zapping sideways to get all the coins from either left or right. You can get it for only 50,000 coins.


Check out the game and discover a whole lot more about the cool characters for you when playing Subway Surfers Transylvania. Have a surfing good time!



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