Introduction to Subway Surfers power-ups

It’s a waste not to use things, and it’s even more wasteful when it’s kept that way! Now you can discover the things that Subway Surfers has in store for you! It is to your advantage to use them and power up! Because literally, these power-ups will change your life and ultimately your game score. Make sure to watch out for them when you surf along the tracks and seize these good opportunities to win buckets of coins!


You will surely enjoy the game more when you obtain Power-ups! These items either increases a certain ability or gives the character a special ability. Get yourself familiar with the 4 main power-ups in the game. The 2X Multiplier, Coin Magnet, Jetpack, and the Super Sneakers. Each of these has a certain ability that you can freely use in the game but it has a limited time of usage. Find out more about the special power-ups. Each power-up has a certain function and can be used during gameplay. Since it can only be used for a limited time, you have the option to upgrade your power to increase their usage time limit. This will cost you coins, you may learn how to earn more coins in Subway Surfers here.


This four main power-ups namely Coin Magnet, Jetpack, Super Sneaker, and 2X Multiplier can be upgraded on a scale of 6. With every upgrade, you increase their duration in the game by 5 seconds. The maximum duration of power-ups in Subway Surfers is 30 seconds. Another power-up is the power jumper but this can only be used during mission games. As the game progresses, more and more power-ups are added into the game. The following are additional power-ups and their function: Score booster that increases the multiplier by 5, mega-shooter that lets the character zoom into the sky for a limited time only and mysteriously transforms into a random item.


Check out these power-ups in Subway Surfers now! Play Subway Surfers on PC and beat your high score!



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