Introduction to Subway Surfer Paris

From the World Tour series, Subway Surfers take you to the City of Love and Romance! Subway Surfers Paris is the seventh installment in the Subway Surfers World Tour series. The famous attraction of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is featured as part of the logo of this edition. The endless running never stops because this mobile game is not only available on mobile phones. Try it out on Kindle and Windows phones! Not only that, but you can also try Subway Surfers Paris on PC! The game was released in late June of 2013 by Kiloo and SYBO.


Subway Surfers Paris gives you a virtual tour of Paris. So get ready to surf the subway and earn more coins! Same with Subway Surfers, the goal of the game is to run quickly on top of subways and rail tracks before the grumpy guard catches you. Of course coins, prizes, bonuses, and special gifts can be collected along the way! With the coins and prizes you get, you can upgrade your character and purchase boosters to help you run away faster and collect more coins. Avoid obstacles by jumping through the subway rooftops and jumping over hurdles and barriers along the way. Failing to do so will get you on major trouble! Just remember to collect as many coins as possible and other in-game items while on the run, and surely you’ll reach your target score!


With the coins, you earn you can unlock limited Edition characters. Stroll down the lane of Paris with the Paris special character named Coco, a French mime. You can purchase her for 95,000 coins. By attaining in-game prizes called character attributes, players can also unlock new and different outfits that fit the latest edition of the game. Besides using coins on characters, you can also upgrade your hoverboard. For Subway Surfers Paris, you get your hand on the latest hoverboard named Rose for only 50,000 coins. The recent update last February 2018 features the Valentine’s Day Special. This time you have the option to choose Coco with her usual mime outfit, or purchase Coco in an Art outfit, or even unlock Sweetheart the Valentine’s Day Special Character.



Play Subway Surfers on PC now! Aside from that, discover more about the cool characters for you when playing Subway Surfers and Subway Surfers Paris here. For some winning tips and techniques for the game, visit our Subway Surfers FAQs page today. Go surf it up!

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