How to beat your Subway Surfers high score?

Are you finding it hard to beat your previous Subway Surfers high score? Well, you are at the right place!


The best way to improve your score is to make sure you increase your multiplier in the game as fast as you can. Every time you complete a mission, your character will level up. Your level can go up all the way to a multiplier of 30 times. Besides multiplier, you may want to focus on power-ups as well. They are essential too. The coin magnet is useful in collecting all coins as you run down the tracks. If you have the 2X multiplier power-up, you will be able to double your current multiplier, up to 60x. With the tips mentioned, you are able to increase your overall score even with the same distance traveled!


Get on your hoverboard! Purchase hoverboards in the shop with the coins you have collected. They allow you to stay alive even after hitting or running into an object which would usually end the game. If you hit an object while on the hoverboard, you can still continue your run and this will increase your distance covered. It is akin to a second life/chance within the game, you may use it to improve your Subway Surfers high score! It is always good to have extra hoverboards just in case of emergencies.



Remember to collect keys and try to grab as many coins as possible. Practice makes perfect so keep trying to enhance your surfing skills! Collect more coins and get more upgrades. That’s all you need to become the top winning player in this game! Now with all those tips, why don’t you try and play Subway Surfers now and see if you can beat your high score! For other game strategies, check out our Subway Surfers FAQs page today!

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