Meet the Different Hoverboards of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is known as an endless running game, but not all the time! Thanks to Hoverboards, you don’t really have to run all the time especially when it’s impossible to pass an obstacle. So basically hoverboards protect you from getting in trouble by preventing you to crash for 30 seconds.


To use the hoverboard, double tap the screen or the mouse and it automatically gives you the hoverboard. Hoverboards are unique depending on the game. Some can be upgraded. Some are limited edition from the World Tour series wherein different hoverboards are featured depending on the location.  Now, you can try the hoverboards online when you download Subway Surfers on PC! The game is developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games and published by Kiloo and Microsoft. The game was released in late May of 2012.


Currently, there are 54 hoverboards released in the game. These hoverboards vary in cost and special ability. You can get hoverboard for free or you can buy them with your coins! The most expensive hoverboard is the Windglider that could drift smoothly. This is recorded to be purchased at the price of 360,000 coins. Special abilities that some of these hoverboards gives includes the ability to surf faster, super jump, stay low, speed up, smooth drift, pink trail, star trail, bubble trail, double jump and zap sideways.


After the recent re-release, the game now allows the players to add special abilities to their hoverboards instead of buying a board with a special ability. This was well received by the fans of the game and it looks like it will continue on until the next update.


Make sure to collect as many coins as you can to enjoy the vast collections of hoverboards to help you get away! Don’t be afraid to try on a different board. Who knows! This could make a big twist in how you play your game! If you enjoyed reading about the hoverboards, check out these cool steps to use different characters when playing Subway Surfers. Have a great surfing time!



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