What is the purpose of Smash Hit Zen Mode?

Smash Hit is a popular arcade game developed by indie Swedish studio, Mediocre. The objective of the game is to smash or break every obstacle along the way to survive longer in the game! Due to its simple goal, it is sometimes referred to as a “mindless game.”


However, if you really want to be a little competitive, you can aim to top the Smash Hit World Record list, which is a ranking of all the highest scores from players around the world.


With a little competition, you will be aiming to score high and survive longer in the game. You still have to at least employ a bit of strategy, use balls wisely and use power-ups whenever necessary.



Relax With Smash Hit Zen Mode


If you’re not really the competitive type, you can still enjoy the game at your own pace with the Smash Hit Zen Mode. Zen Mode is only available in the premium version of Smash Hit, along with 4 other additional modes.


The Zen Mode is for players who just want to play and enjoy the game without any pressure. Players can still shoot balls, break glass and crystal structures, or overcome obstacles. What’s unique about Zen Mode is that there is no ball count at all! This makes it a more relaxing mode because players don’t have to think about building up a ball collection or saving up power-ups for more difficult obstacles.


The purpose of Smash Hit Zen Mode is to offer players a kind of gameplay that is not just enjoyable, but something that can be used as more of a de-stressor. With this mode, players can appreciate the visuals and graphics of the game even more and enjoy listening to the sound effects of glass and crystals breaking, which admittedly, are oddly satisfying. Download the game now and try Smash Hit on PC for yourself!


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