Ways to Earn Smash Hit Unlimited Balls

First released in 2014, Mediocre’s Smash Hit is still an addictive game until today. To survive this popular arcade game, you have to first learn the rules and how to play Smash Hit. Just make sure you don’t run out of metal balls! However, it is easier said than done.


As the game progresses, you will be faced with more challenging obstacles and structures to pass through. The game is basically designed for players to eventually lose balls, but if you know how to employ a little strategy, you’ll survive longer and score better.


You can earn more balls by either hitting crystals, using them smartly and conservatively, or by simply avoiding moving structures whenever possible. Hitting pyramid crystals, for example, will yield you 3 more balls while hitting rarer types of crystals can get you 10 to 20 balls! You can also have more balls through power-ups. However, there is also a different way to earn unlimited balls on Smash Hit.



Smash Hit Unlimited Balls Hack Guide


To earn unlimited balls on Smash Hit, just read on for the steps to do so. First, you have to open gameguardian.net on your web browser and keep it in the background while you play Smash Hit. During gameplay, pause and click the Purple Ball diagram which can take you back to gameguardian.net.


Once you are on the GameGuardian page, look for the magnifying glass with a question mark icon and click on it. You will then be redirected to a page where you can input the required number of balls. To get unlimited balls, just type in 999999 as this is the maximum. Then resume playing the game, and that’s it. Enjoy playing Smash Hit with unlimited balls in your arsenal!


There are other ways for you to score better even without hacks, be sure to check out the Smash Hit FAQs page for more tips and tricks. If you are interested to try the game, you can now try Smash Hit on PC today!

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