Know the Different Types of Smash Hit Crystals

Smash Hit is a popular game created by Swedish indie studio, Mediocre, and its premise is simple – just smash your way through every obstacle and level up in the game. However, to survive each level, you have to make sure that you don’t run out of balls. Otherwise, that is the end of it.


So even in Smash Hit’s premise seems simple, a little bit of strategy can help you come a long way. The key to surviving in this game long enough is to make sure you don’t run out of balls, of course!


There are several ways to build your ball collection. The first rule is to practice using them conservatively. Don’t waste 2 or more balls on obstacles that can be smashed with just one, which is a very common mistake among most players. An example is when you see hanging objects. Instead of smashing them with 2 or more balls, just hit its string with 1 ball, and that’s it!


There are also obstacles that can be passed through without using any balls at all, like moving objects on some levels. There’s no need to waste any ball on them if you can simply pass through by avoiding contact of the moving structure.



Earn More Balls by Smashing Special Kinds of Crystals


Another way to build up your ball collection is by smashing crystals on the game. Generally, for the most common crystal (the Pyramid Crystal), this earns you 3 balls once you successfully smash them. The Octahedral crystal, which is not too common, earns you 5 balls. The 3D star crystal, however, earns you 10 balls, but this is a rare type.


A special Butterfly crystal is also present on the 12th checkpoint. If you smash this, you get 20 balls! So always be on the lookout for crystals. Even if it is the common Pyramid type, remember that it can still help you build your ball reserve.


You will also get a Multiball bonus award if you strike 10 crystals in a row! The Multiball bonus allows you to shoot 2 balls at once, but these will be counted as 1 ball only. Enjoy Smash Hit on PC today and download it for free! For more tips, tricks, and game hacks visit our Smash Hit FAQs page today!

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